Book or book chapter Fossils of the Kimmeridge Clay

Naish, D. & Moon, B.C. 2020 Ichthyosauria. Ch. 5. 75–90. In Martill, D.M. & Etches, S. Fossils of the Kimmeridge Clay 2: ISBN:978-0-901702-74-6

A long time coming, but hopefully should be a useful addition. Darren Naish and I contributed a chapter to the Kimmeridge Clay volume of the Palaeontological Association Field Guides to Fossils series, edited by Dave Martill and Steve Etches.

Here we present a brief overview of identified material from the Kimmeridge Clay Formation – as of when we completed the chapter – which amounted to Brachypterygius and Nannopterygius with names at the time, and other material known mainly as Ichthyosaurus trigonus. So many specimens on single vertebrae are present, but there are a few complete historical specimens, and many more found recently by and in the Steve Etches collection.