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A little update to the site, with some ichthyosaur news.

As posted on The Marine Reptiles Forum, there is a new paper in press on an Argentinian Upper Jurassic ichthyosaur, assigned to Arthropterygius.

FERNÁNDEZ, M. S. & MAXWELL, E. 2012. The genus Arthropterygius Maxwell (Ichthyosauria: Ophthalmosauridae) in the Late Jurassic of the Neuquén Basin, Argentina. Geobios, 10 pp.

This, and other things have lead me to update my ichthyosaur species list.

I’ve been away on fieldwork (demonstrating geological mapping for second-year undergraduates) so haven’t got any new posts today. However, I shall be in Glasgow looking at their collections next week; so more things to come.

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