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Hi, it’s me again.

I’ve been busy over the past two years with several ichthyosaur and other related research things. I thought I’d come back to the blog to refresh and update and have ended up with a whole new website! In for a penny in for a pound … as the saying goes.

I’ve copied across the posts from my old Ichthyosaurs: a day in the life…, so that all remains to see what embarrassments I put down in years gone by. I hope to continue and add to that from my current and future research, and other day-to-day interests. I’d like to also add posts and guides on the research methods themselves, but considering how successful I was at regular or comprehensible posting in my last blog we’ll have to see how well it will go here.

Suffice to say that this is my new homepage – the home of me. I hope you like it. Hopefully it will also prove useful for spreading the ‘Word of Ben’ – or whatever else I want to say. We’ll see what more comes and I hope to have it up and running well soon.

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