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Today was a much simpler affair that yesterday’s ‘on homology’, and as such is somewhat shorter.

Day Two: 18 Jan 2012

MATTHEWS, S. C. 1973. Notes on open nomenclature and on synonymy lists. Palaeontology, 16, 713–719.

  • Reviews Richter’s (1948) nomenclature proposals.
  • These were the additions and placement of characters such as ‘?’, ‘aff.’ and ‘cf.’ in the scientific names of organisms.
  • He also instigated the use of detailed, critical synonymy lists with the characters used to represent the status of each.

Much of this paper is purposed as a translation and implementation of Richter’s nomenclature.  The examples used are simple, clear and concise.  Altogether it is a very useful paper for detailing the use of this handy system.

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