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What I read today: “On homology”

1 minute read

Here’s something new.  I had planned to read many, many papers early in PhD, but so far have only managed to read many.  This ‘what I read today’ section wil...

A little funny!

less than 1 minute read

Something to keep you smiling. Thanks to Nathan for showing me this. A new palaeontology post will be arriving soon; keep your eyes open!

My PhD: Part 3: the return of the ichthyosaurs

5 minute read

In this, the final of my original trilogy describing my planned studies, I will talk about the ‘spin-offs’ from looking at the British genera and phylogeny. ...

My PhD: Part 2: the ichthyosaurs strike back

5 minute read

In the last post, I talked about the British Late Jurassic ichthyosaurs.  This will make up the first part of my thesis.  The other main part will look at ic...